Nietzsche wrote,

In the midst of an age of 'work', that is to say, of hurry, of indecent and perspiring haste, which wants to 'get everything done' at once, including every old or new book: -this art [philosophy] does not so easily get anything done, it teaches to read well, that is to say, to read slowly, deeply, looking cautiously before and aft, with reservations, with doors left open, with delicate eyes and fingers. Our intention was for you to experience this exact thought. It seems you never get to close the door with philosophy as our emergent views tend to keep us searching and grasping for meaning. Keep your eyes open and your fingers nimble. It's the same for understanding a topic as broad or complex as philosophy: when you only know part of the picture, you only know part of the picture. Now you all know a lot more. Nice work. You should be proud of yourselves! How can you use what you've learned to see beyond the black and white of a topic and into the grayer areas? What other parts of philosophy could still be explored? Remember, learning never stops.